Creative Crew Blog Hop

Hello everyone! here is my humble little card in response to my friend Sharon's nomination of me for her blog hop. Im so grateful that she chose me! But I guess thats what friends are for..Here is her blog address to go and check out all of her creations!  Rocky Mountain High Stamping

Onto the Questions:
1) What are you working on?
At the moment I am working on showcasing Spring classes at my job. Mother's day and Easter cards etc.

2) How does your work differ from others in your genre?
I think we all put our heart and soul in creating something special for someone. But what may set me apart is my approach. Which is a secret!!

3) Why do you create what you do?
I believe that card giving and letter writing are a lost art..i love and do what i do to keep this little line of communication open.  who doesnt love getting a hand made card?

4) How does your creative process work?
i just really love what I do..and its a secret!

Thanks for visiting and following the blog hop with me!


  1. Beautiful Raquelle! Stunning as always! <3

  2. You're the best Sharon! You're projects are always AWESOME too! Thanks for thinking of me! Raquelle

  3. Such a pretty card- and a lovely card sketch!

  4. Well gee, your card is amazing too! Love the colors and whoever is lucky enough to receive such an amazing card will know it comes from an amazing artist! :)

  5. Your card is amazing! I can totally see why your friend nominated you. Love the fun colors you used. Also, I love your blog design!

  6. I love the happy colors, and the angled image eye-catching!

  7. Love that stamp set.... such a bright and cheerful card too. Your friend picked good. :)

  8. Your card is far from humble. It's so bright and cheerful, very lovely!!