Grateful For You - Treat Bag

Good Morning friends! Yesterday was quite the day as far as the weather goes! It was amazing - the hail and the flooding! Unbelievably loud too! I've never been in such a storm before! The wind was blowing like I was in a hurricane, which I've been in a dozen or so of them!  But I'm so glad I made it home! To God be the Glory! 
I decided to do something for one of the ladies at my job who is just so sweet to me.  And as you know, I never make just one! These are goodie bags or Treat bags that you can put candy in or maybe a little candle - a tea light candle, or what ever you like!
They were so easy, I"ll be doing them again for sure! What do you think? Maybe for different holidays with a theme? Especially Christmas?

The paper I used was Bohemian DSP and green glue really! If you want more details, just ask! 

Oh, I also made a video tutorial for you! I thought that would be easier to follow along then pictures.  I'm no pro at them YET, but I'll get there! I hope you enjoy and to give credit where it is due...these little baggies came from a tutorial from Angie Juda Kennedy aka "Chic n scratch"! She is just amazing and I couldn't hold a candle to her awesomeness, but I was able to make this little bag from her tutorial.

Thanks Angie, and blessings everyone!

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