Macron vs. Macroon!

Hi everyone, I'm still working on my swaps and they are coming along just fine!  I've got a lot to get through, but it's just so fun! I love swapping! 

 Today, I thought I'd go over the difference between Macron and Macroon.  Since we have the ink color Mint Macron,I thought I'd explain a thing or two! Well, there has been some talk about what the difference is between the two and I want to make it plain what that is!  This all stems from our new in color called Mint Macron!  Immediately people began to call it Macroon.  So I wanted to make sure I knew the difference and said it in my videos too.

                                                     Here is our ink color: Mint Macron: 

You know I'm all about color and these little cuties are so cute and colorful!  These are Macrons too!

These, however are Macroons!  See the difference? 
Every now and then you'll get a little tidbit from me!  Just sharing the things I love!

 I have come to realize that the more I see...the less I know!  Thanks for visiting me today! Come back and see me! 


  1. LOVE IT!! There is a difference... that's exactly what I was thinking. I personally love Mint Macaron better than Macarons and calories!

  2. H Wanda! Thanks for visiting me! Yes sir, don't cha just love that there is a difference!! LOL!