Swapping Cards With Friends! June Swaps

Do you know what swapping cards is?  It's when lovely ladies (and sometimes men) get together and swap their card creations with each other!  it's really fun!  We stand in line and each one swaps one!  I'll have pics later on of what was created from some very talented people! 

Hopefully, soon I'll have a pic of my June swaps and then my July swaps! & Team swaps, oh my! 

I'm getting ready for all those and THEN I have my convention swaps!  
So, I don't want to just make a short little post, but that's exactly what it's going to be.  Short and sweet.  Just to give a heads up that if I'm not online, it's because I'm working on my swaps, and I will come back and share once they are done, ok? 

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