Monday, October 12, 2015

Getting Ready for Our Vacation!

Yes, you read that post title correctly!  I'm getting ready for vacation.  A much needed break from my real word to enter a place of peace and tranquility among the beaches of the Caribbean for 8 days! I can't begin to tell you how excited I am.  To God Be The Glory!

Here are a few pics of me @ the airport.  Nope, I haven't left yet, this is just because I'm the one who will check and double check everything before we go anywhere.  I am checking to make sure we are in compliance with the size regulation.  We are flying Spirit air.  Enough Said!

We are going for the included bin right there!  So, yes, I made the trip to the airport to make double sure that we are in the clear! YES! That's another thing I can check off my list. 

Here is the ship we are going on.  So, tomorrow, I'm sure i'll be back to regular business. But until then enjoy the pics of the ship! Thanks for watching. 

This is the Independence o the Seas! 5 days and counting! 

This is a pic of the ship from the bottom looking up!  I can't wait to get on it! 

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