Love is In The Air

Oh happy morning to one and to all! Hee Hee! I've always wanted to say something like that. Maybe this really isn't the setting, but it's kinda cool, like "Let's Get Ready to Rumble! Oh, it's just me, huh?
Well, anyhoo - I'm sharing a little card and I'm calling this post Love is in the Air because of this little bug. Which reminds me - what do you call it? A punch buggie or a Slug Bug? I never heard of a Slug Bug til I came out to Colorado. I've always called them punch buggies. What about you?

 So, I'm just going to go ahead and share a little sneak peak into my next card class which will include some DARLING valentines Day cards! You know it will be here before you know it! Here's the card and from a few different angles, k? P.S. this stamp set is called Beautiful Ride in the NEW Occasions Catalog - off to your right! Order #140738!
Hey, thanks for looking and guest what!  I'm going to be a guest designer on Friday! Yes, this coming Friday!  I can't wait!  Stay close for more information!  Always, have a beautifully creative day!      

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  1. Lovely...yeah, I must have this stamp set!!. In my day ( cuz I'm almost 60), we called em "love bugs"or "beetles"... Have a fantastic evening!!