GDP - Balloon Love #23

Hello friends!  I'm so super excited to show you my card!  So, you know how I love challenges, but more importantly, ones that bring about super cute cards! LOL...

Here is my submission for the Global Design Project Challenge on Balloons!  How cute!  They have a ton, literally a ton on of talent going on over there and whoa! I just wanna join in on the fun!  You can get in on the next one because this one is almost done!  Yeah, I'm doing this one at the VERY last minute! Like last minute!  So super cute though!  Here is the challenge from GDP:
And here is my project made {at the very last minute!} Why do I stress myself so? Well, let's get to the fun..
Here's a side/flat view of my card.
Well, my friends, dinner time is calling and I must answer. Thanks for following along with me!  I alwaas enjoy my time over @ the GDP - sounds like a government office huh? Gotta love it.  Have a wonderful Sunday night & Monday!

Thank you so very much for your comment. Be sure to come back tomorrow to see what more I have shared. Happy Stamping!

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