Top 10 Things About Me! (That you might not have known)

1. I am a child of God! I love Jesus and will everyday, all day until my dying days!

2. I really love Stampin' Up!  It's a passion of mine. I love making cards, being creative and going to convention to meet my friends that I talk to all year online!

3. My favorite Color is Pink! I know that one was hard to guess.

4. I grew up in New York and love everything about it except the cold! The city that never sleeps!

5. I was a librarian at one point and really love being one!

6. I sang with Foreigner @ the Orange County Fair Grounds, in NY.

7.  Before 2013 I've only been to the West Coast 1 time. and that was to go to Las Vegas.

8.  I started scrapbooking in 2009 when a Creative Memories lady came and helped me make a page.  I don't remember her name, but I've been crafting ever since!

9. I love almost all music.  But my favorites are R&B, NeoSoul, Country, Lite Rock, {Ballads especially} and one of my favorite singers is Billy Joel.  Saw him at the Meadowlands in NY.

10. An amazing time in my life is when I met Jerome Bettis face to face in Virginia @ a Mall.  He was doing a signing and it was AWESOME.  {Especially since I'm the biggest STEELERS fan}.

Those are 10 things - You might not have known!  Thanks for looking!

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