Back from my Ladies Retreat!

We had such a wonderful time.  Here are some pictures from the day.  Thanks for following along with me and seeing what I do for my classes.  The ladies were so fun and loved their projects.  It's amazing that people are so creative and helpful when we get together!  Thre was a lot of sharing going on that day!

This was Mt. Meeker and a front coming through.

This is the gristmill - How tranquil, huh? It was really pretty. 

This was Mt. Meeker too. On the other side of me was Long's Peak! Beautiful!

This is my classroom! Where the magic happened!

This is me teaching away! I really do love what I do!

And this is just another table of Happy Stampers! 

This was my cute little cabin.  It was nice and cozy! 

Thanks again for visiting me and sharing in my adventures! Come back for more! 

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